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David Bellamy


Lots of Frog and Toad Activity in our fishing pool, March 2019


We are delighted that Fairview Holiday Park has received the coveted David Bellamy Conservation Award at Gold level for the Sixth year.

The David Bellamy Conservation Award is a special accolade awarded each year to qualifying parks by Professor Bellamy. With the assistance of park guests and local wildlife groups, he assesses their contribution to sustaining and enhancing the natural world.

At Fairview, we believe we have a very special park environment, providing a natural oasis for wildlife. It is our aim to further protect, conserve and enhance our park and to increase the bio diversity of the site, whilst creating a great holiday environment for our customers.

We are a David Bellamy Honey Bee Friendly Park

We are proud to achieve the Gold standard for 2018/19, we are working hard work to help Britain’s bees – we are officially a “Honey Bee Friendly” park.


As part of our continued commitment to conservation we have taken part for the 4th year, in the David Bellamy Award Honey Bee Friendly Park Project. Bees are a vital part of the British countryside and there has been a recent dramatic decline in many of Britain’s bee species so we will be doing what we can to help with Bee conservation. To help with the BBKA honey bee pledge, please consider planting bee friendly plants in your planters and designated garden areas. Lists and guides of bee friendly plants are available from the Tourist information Room.

Wildflower Habitat Badge

For 2018/19 we are proud to announce we have achieved the David Bellamy Wildflower Habitat Badge, the second award in the ‘5 in 5’ Habitat Badge scheme.

Why wildflowers?
Native British wildflowers are incredibly important as food sources for pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, which are, in turn, vital for the health of the wider countryside. Wildflower meadows and the insects they attract also provide food and cover for many small mammals, birds and other animals. Many wildflowers are themselves rare and endangered. They are also incredibly beautiful and a vanishing part of the unique tapestry of the British Countryside.

At Fairview we have been working hard over the last few years to establish a large wildflower meadow planted predominately with local seeds. The Wildflower meadow is now in its second year, with Yellow Rattle, Common Knapweed,  Birdsfoot Trefoil, Agrimony,  Ribwort, Plantain, Common Catsear, SelfHeal, Eyebright, Lesser Stitchwort, Hop Trefoil, Crow Garlic, Sweet Vernal Grass, Crested Dogstail, Yorkshire Fog, Meadow Foxtail, Common Bent, and  Ox-eye Daisy in evidence.

The total area of the wildflower meadow is 1122m, however approx. 140m of this meadow has been re-planted this year to replace areas too densely populated with weeds.

We have large grassland areas and wildflower margins around the park. The total of all the wildflower areas combined is 4668m.


Our newly seeded section of our wildflower meadow has looked fantastic this August 2018

Great photo’s of ‘Fairview Fluffies’ taken by Don, one of our owners, July 2018

Photos of our existing Wildlife Meadow June 2018


This years David Bellamy Habitat Badge is focusing on Wildflowers. Earlier this year we were given some wildflower seeds from Burts Bees  supplied by the British beekeepers Association 

We planted these in May in a ‘pollinator patch’ alongside our existing wildflower meadow, with the help of twins Jasmine and Isabelle aged 2½. Just waiting for the results now.



Hedgerow Award Habitat Badge

For 2017/18 we are proud to announce that we have received our first David Bellamy ‘5 in 5’ habitat badge ‘Hedgerows ‘ for the value of the wildlife friendly hedgerows we have on park.


We have approximately 500 metres of native hedges we have planted and laid.

There are 50 metres of hedgerows due to be laid this Autumn/winter.

There is approximately 200 metres of hedgerow we have planted which is still growing, prior to being laid and approx. 350 metres of existing native hedgerows.

We have 150 metres of Leylandi Hedgerows which was grown mainly for screening purposes and approx. 40 metres of hedgerow which is mixed but predominately Snowberry (Symphoricarpos).

An approx. total of 1290 metres of hedgerows on the main part of our park. (This is not including the natural boundaries of the park and field hedgerows).




Latest photo’s taken July 2017



Stunning photo of a Swan and Cygnets at Bodenham Lakes

Taken by one of our owners Chris Gillett.  Bodenham lakes are well worth a visit, 160 different species of birds have been recorded here!


Swan and her cygnets on the lake


Latest Photo’s taken June 2017


Fantastic pictures of a Red Kite flying over the Park on 21st June 2015. Photos taken by one of our owners, Roy Easton.



Below are examples of wildbirds and animals which have been photographed at Fairview Holiday Park and also our Picnic Benches made from recycled plastic milk cartons. Followed by pictures of various funghi, flowers and grasses found on the park.